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1. High Tunnel (2014)

Langford Homestead Farm
23' x 16' (7m x 5m)
2014 High Tunnel

2. Family Garden (2017)
17' x 41' (5m x 12m)
Family PLan 2017

3. Greenhouses (2017)

Main garden
39' x 19' (12m x 6m)
Three greenhouses with containers plus a raised bed

4. Veggie Garden (2017)

White Rose Farm
24' x 45' (7m x 13m)
Each square is equal to a square foot.

5. Garden of Eatin' II (2017)

64' x 25' (19m x 7m)
Yard Behind Garage.

6. Lynsey's Garden (2017)

Lake Elsinore, Ca
25' x 50' (7m x 15m)
Lynsey's Garden

7. High Tunnel (2017)

Langford Homestead Farm
39' x 29' (12m x 9m)
2017 High Tunnel

8. 1st garden (2017)

Washington County, NY
19' x 10' (6m x 3m)
Top left hand corner- 6'-3' raised aeration grow bag with veggies as described. The squash, dragon tongue beans, and melon will be supported by a trellis. The middle will contain a "worm tower" and the "other plant" on the bottom right sqaure of the bed will have orach. The rest of the fruits/veggies will be grown in 20-25 gallon aeration bags with compatible herbs/small vegetables (onion, garlic, etc.). The fruit trees will be in aeration bags as well with any compatible herbs/veggies. The top right corner is for herbs I wish to grow inside, and the few other random plants are for a future medicinal garden.

9. Griffin Garden (2017)

In town lot
39' x 29' (12m x 9m)
First year transitioning to a Potage garden from years of Lineral gardening. Attempting to take the same amount of vegetables, add cut flowers and herbs, and find a design that is both pleasing to the eye as well as functional.

10. Fresh-PK-Farm (2017)

75' x 46' (23m x 14m)
This is our plan for 2017. It is ambitious but we think doable. We plan to sell some of our harvest on to customers in the Denver area.

11. Backyard Garden (2017)

Weehawken, NJ
21' x 29' (6m x 9m)
A mix of country, container, raised bed, and squarefoot garden styles for our small backyard.

12. Spring 17 (2017)

39' x 29' (12m x 9m)
Spring garden

13. Herb Garden (2017)

Burlington, Ontario
8' x 7' (2m x 2m)
Herb Garden

14. Garden of Eatin' (2017)

Lexington, Ky
39' x 63' (12m x 19m)
An Urban Garden, with a Little Something for Everyone. It is still a work in progress.

15. Home (2017)

65' x 16' (20m x 5m)
2017 Plan but I get a wee bit overzealous with the planting so some modifications may need to take place.

16. Hesketh Park (2017)

Hecky park raised bed
19' x 19' (6m x 6m)
Veg Garden idea

17. Danielle Vassallo (2017)

Holmdel NJ
22' x 16' (6m x 4m)
Raised bed garden designed by Oasis Backyard Farms

18. Kinsley's Garden (2017)

Hurst TX
9' x 21' (3m x 6m)
Kinsley's Garden - 2017

19. Nicholson Garden (2017)

Stanley Bridge, PEI
11' x 19' (3m x 6m)
Looking to produce a large garden this year for canning season!

20. Summer (2017)

Northside Missoula
15' x 14' (4m x 4m)
My plan for 2017

21. Rockaway (2017)

2824 E Rockaway
49' x 59' (15m x 18m)

22. Silverstein (2017)

60' x 30' (18m x 9m)

23. healthy heart garden (2017)

231 Kleisath Rd Smethport PA 16749
19' x 39' (6m x 12m)
2017 healthy heart vegetable garden

24. scotland school garden (2017)

45' x 25' (14m x 7m)
school garden

25. Veggie Garden (2017)

23' x 19' (7m x 6m)
Veggie Garden