All New Garden Planner Coming Soon

Exciting news! Following on from our recently-released Garden Journal, our team is hard at work on an ALL NEW version of the Garden Planner. This will have a fresh, modern interface and all the features you use will still be there, plus several enhancements.

Vegetable Garden Design Apps

Within the next few months we will be releasing the beta version for testing, with the full version following later for PC and Mac. Support for mobile devices will follow next year.

All plans and subscriptions will be automatically carried over to the new Garden Planner, so don’t worry - you'll be able to continue working on your existing plans in the new version.

If you are already a subscriber then we’ll keep you updated in our regular newsletters.

If you are interested in joining our group of beta testers then please get in touch with our Customer Service team.

Adobe Flash Player

You may have heard that Adobe Flash Player is being disabled at the end of this year, and been concerned about the future of the Garden Planner. (Adobe Flash Player is computer software that runs within your Internet browser, and is used by the current version of the Garden Planner.) Please be assured that the new version will be bigger and better, and available well in advance of Flash support ending.

Our recently released Garden Journal was the first phase of the work to remove Flash, and it runs on smartphones and tablets as well as computers; however it was only recently that the capabilities of all browsers reached the performance level we require to re-write the Garden Planner and it's a big project.

For now, most browsers require Flash Player to be enabled or unblocked, even if it’s correctly installed. If you are having any difficulty please get in touch with our Customer Service team who will be happy to help.